Full power for your car park.

Parking space does not have to remain wasted space. With the ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport, you benefit from areas that would otherwise only incur costs.
Das ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport vor einem Unternehmen

Profit from your parking space, starting right now.

Low-effort assembly

Thanks to the installation with screw or point foundations, there is no need for expensive earthworks, as is the case with comparable products.


Your ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport is self-financing: You will benefit in the long term and with little risk from electricity cost savings and feed-in tariffs.

Self-sufficiency coverage

With the ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport, you supply your business with electricity and thus benefit over the entire lifetime of your carport.

Long lifetime

With the weather-resistant metagreen aluminum construction and long-term durability of PV modules, your carport will last for many, many years.

Integrated advertising space

With modular extensions such as advertising space and advertising screens, you get an additional benefit where it pays off the most!

Internal cable routing & rainwater drainage

All electrical installation and drainage runs within the structure, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but further reduces assembly & material costs.

Modular construction

The modular configuration not only allows the carports to be precisely tailored to your needs, but also to retrofit existing parking spaces without major conversion work and the associated costs.


With the many expansion options, there are almost no limits to your imagination. Advertising screens, e-bike chargers or wall boxes and integrated energy storage will electrify your company or fleet.
Das ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport vor einer Reihenhaussiedlung
Das ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport vor einem Firmengebäude
Das ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport auf einem Autobahnrastplatz
Das ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport vor einem Shoppingcenter

A carport that suits your needs. Always.

Thanks to the diverse configuration and expansion options, the ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport simply fits anywhere, anytime. Therefore, in addition to integrated photovoltaics and drainage, it also has optional features such as:
Wall boxes, DC fast chargers or e-bike chargers
Dimmable LED lighting in the support beams
Ram protection elements as cladding, with padding or with bollards
Aluminum wall system for shading or privacy protection
Bike racks for vertical storage or numerous types of bike stands
Various ways to integrate advertising space, e.g. hanging public viewing screens, digital city lights or gigantic LED screens covering the entire rear wall
Additional equipment such as seating or drinks and snack machines
Das ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport bei Nacht mit integrierter LED-Beleuchtung
System technology

Smart engineering, from start to finish.

Not only simple in assembly, but also simply clever. The tested statics, but above all the very versatile aluminum profile system made of sustainable metagreen alloy characterize the ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport and make it a unique product on the market.

With modular extensions such as advertising space and even removable advertising screens, you get an additional benefit where it pays off the most!

Aluminum profile technology allows the Smart PV-Carport to be significantly more versatile and modular than comparable steel products. For example, drainage is integrated in the pillars, LED strips can be integrated into the cable ducts and additional control technology can be installed.

Das ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport verwendet ALUMERO Systemtechnik zur Montage der integrierten Photovoltaik

Any solar and charging technology is integrated without visible cable harnesses outside the construction, since everything can be hidden directly in the carrier profiles - and is also protected against manipulation and vandalism.

The construction is easy to erect and does not require an expensive and large-scale earthworks. The screw or point foundations only require a drill hole, which is why the Smart PV-Carport can also be easily retrofitted to existing parking areas.

Tested statics, protected design
Minimalist design blends in almost anywhere
Numerous installation options for additional equipment thanks to sophisticated profile technology
Drainage through the carport's pillars
Integrated technology thanks to smart aluminum profile technology
Very durable and low maintenance thanks to its strong aluminium construction
Reliable and proven PV integration thanks to ALUMERO system technology
Our metagreen alloy significantly reduces the CO2 footprint & energy requirements of production
Simple installation, all without major additional costs for foundations or earthworks
Allows the upgrade of existing parking areas without major modifications

Available in RAL 7016 and RAL 9006.

Other RAL colors or individual branding are available on request.

Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
White Aluminium
RAL 9006

More pictures of our system technology

Explosionszeichnung des CarportsBeispielhafte Darstellung des EnergieflussesDie MagicInfo Oberfläche im EinsatzSchematische Darstellung der Entwässerung des ALUMERO Smart PV-CarportsDas Standardprofil der Träger des ALUMERO Smart PV-CarportsSchematische Darstellung des Trägerprofils mit integrierter LED-LeisteSchematische Darstellung des Trägerprofils mit MontagehalterungSchematische Darstellung des Säulenprofils mit integrierten Kabelkanälen
Verschiedene Carport Varianten zeigen, wie ein Parkplatz nachträglich umgerüstet werden kann.

Our modular system offers the right solution for every parking space. Always and everywhere.

The ALUMERO Smart PV-Carport exists in configurations of 2, 4, 5 and 6 parking spaces, as well as the corresponding double-row solution with 4, 8, 10 and 12 parking spaces. Available in the variants Standard and Comfort, with 2,750 mm or 3,000 mm parking space width.
Load-bearing profile
250 mm × 350 mm
‍250 mm × 250 mm
Passage height for all variants between 2,100 mm - 2,500 mm possible
Engineered for modules in 1.722-1.765 mm × 1.134 mm
Maximum wind load qp 0.8 kN/m2
Maximum snow load sk 2.9 kN/m2

This variant with a parking space width of 2750 mm corresponds to the standard that is already common on most parking spaces today. As a result, our carport allows existing parking spaces to be roofed over without major effort and electricity to be produced immediately. Output calculation based on 420 Wp modules.

This variant with a parking space width of 3,000 mm is ideal for slightly wider vehicles such as SUVs, but can also be used for the increasingly common family parking spaces, for example. With our two variants and the numerous configuration options, we manage to cover almost all parking areas accordingly. Output calculation based on 420 Wp modules.